Sunday, May 18, 2014

Periodic Table of Body-Weight Exercises - Click for video

Periodic Table of bodyweight exercises
Speed Jacks High Knee Running in Place Switch Kicks Ski Jumpers Frog Lunge Tuck Jumps Mountain Climbers Sky Kicks Quad Hop Switch Backs Crunches Flutter Kicks Bicycles Planks Hanging Kicks Sliding Plank Plank Reach Cross Planks Shoulder Bridge Side Plank Bear Hug Crunches Vertical Crunch Scorpions Body Rocks Ab Flex Side Raises Variation Scissor Kicks Spiderman Planks Mason Twists Plank Crawls Extended Planks Crunchy Frogs Circle Kicks Brock Shuffle Reverse Crunches Squats Wall Sits Jack Squats Twisting Squat Jumps Twisting Lunges Chair Poses Squat Jumps Reverse Leg Lifts Lunges Single Leg Deadlifts One Legged Triple Jumps Single Leg Squats Flamingo Squats Kick Your Butt Calf Raises Clock Lunges Scissor Squats Supermans Push Ups (On Your Knees) Push Ups Wide Arm Push Ups Push Ups with a Clap Jump Back Push Ups Chest Taps Dragon Walks Wide Arm Push Ups (On Your Knees) Chest Press Hindu Push Ups Jumping Jack Push Ups Wide Arm Push Ups (Twist Up) Strongman Flex Diamond Push Ups (On Your Knees) Tricep Dips Diamond Push Ups Pike Ups Pike Push Ups Shoulder Annialators Tricep Extension Push Ups Springing Tripods Single Leg Tuck Jump Burpees Knee Slap Push Ups Muay Thai Push Ups Aztec Push Ups Crucifex Push Ups One Arm One Leg Push Ups Superman Push Ups L Seats Frozen V Sits 360 Degree Push-Ups

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